Saturday, April 18, 2015

Zip Them Lips

            Recently, one of my most dear friends found out she was pregnant. Now this is a friend I do not get to see often or talk to much, but we always pick up where we left off. We have many memories together like the time I was driving and we were pulled over on an old Georgia back road. I was given a $500.00 ticket and made to take an 8 hour class. It probably was not even a month later when she was pulled over going faster than I was, in my car, and just given a warning. Yep, girls got skills! There was also the time we stayed up late watching the movie "Here on Earth", we must have been hormonal teens because we laughed and cried for what seemed like forever. Everyone should be lucky enough to have at least one friend like Cassey.
           Fast forward up until a couple of months ago when I opened a message from my old friend. Now, being the the sweetheart that she is, she sent this message to let me know she had found out she was pregnant. She knew mine and Chris's struggles and did not want me to find out from a Facebook post. It was really sweet of her and at the same time reminded me of how obviously awkward some of our close friends feel when they make that special announcement.
           I am sure not everyone is like me, but when it comes to finding out friends are pregnant there is some healthy envy. It is not like the complete stranger who has recently found out she's expecting and says something completely wrong on so many levels. I do get excited for my friends, especially when I know they have wanted this as bad we do. I even threw a baby shower for my friend Krissy, who had found out she was pregnant not long after I did the first time. Yes, she had a very close due date to what would have been ours, but I love her to bits and it didn't matter. I feel like I should note to people that Chris did basically have to drag me out of the hospital the day her daughter was born, but only because I could not get enough baby cuddles from that sweet girl. I also knew Krissy was well aware of my situation and was not worried about the tears I needed to cry or one bit fearful that I was not going to hand her back, eventually.
          Now back to those complete strangers... For you ladies and maybe some gents out there who like myself have ever had some meaningly harmless words fly out of your mouth at a pregnant person such as "You look like you are about ready to pop." Only to be starred down with the angry look only a preggo can give and have them say with pure hatred "I am only 4 months pregnant!". After an attitude like that when trying to be nice I only really want to respond with something along the lines of "Just say no to the ice cream."
         I think it has become an unwritten rule that there are just some things you do not say to a pregnant woman. So for those of us on the other side of the spectrum, who often get comments such as "You are so lucky you guys do not have kids." There needs to be a list!!! So in honor of sweet people like my dear friend who cares for others and is sensitive to situations of pregnancy struggles I have taken that task upon myself.  I have created a top 5 list for the not so sensitive to our struggles pregnant woman of the world and also the parents who think we are so lucky. Yes, you are probably thinking to yourself that not everyone knows the situations of others, you are correct! (And if you are pregnant you do not get a cookie, really I am helping you here.) However, like most good people I am sure you have at some time or another asked the dreaded "When is your due date?", only to find out the person is not actually pregnant. That is another unwritten rule that only life experience can give you and for those of us who have done it, we all know to do as my southern mother taught me and just  ZIP THEM LIPS. So pregnant women reading this, here you go when you talk to someone who is not pregnant or does not appear to be knocked up, follow my list and avoid these saying these simple things in other words ZIP THEM LIPS.

  1. "You guys are so lucky you do not have kids."  This is usually followed by a list of reason's like you can still go out and party or worse they are so expensive. THIS IS A MAJOR NO! NO!  You think your children are expensive trying paying for IVF or adoption and in our situation more than once! That is your kids college paid. Just be thankful your pregnant behind (Mama also taught me not to cuss)  did not have to pay for that bump your wearing.
  2. "I'm sick of morning sickness." Again pregnant woman of the world, this is not cool. It really just makes us infertility patients want to scream at you non-stop for days until we loose our voices. BE THANKFUL YOU GET TO EXPERIENCE MORNING SICKNESS, there are thousands of us like myself who would actually cherish puking over that big white, hopefully sanitary, throne at all hours of the day to be in your situation.
  3. "I can't wait until this pregnancy is over, I am sick of being fat and miserable." This is one that just makes eyes roll. Unless you have indulged in multiple tubs of ice cream or all those cookies and late night burgers you should have avoided or have some medical condition other than pregnancy that is causing the extra pounds, then you should be at a healthy weight for your baby! And please do not forget get that people like myself PAY LOADS OF MONEY TO GAIN THAT WEIGHT! 
  4. "I am ready to wear regular clothes again." Yes, this is still right there with #3, but should also be avoided at all times! Here is why, yes those of us with infertility struggles can fit into our regular clothes, but WE DO NOT HAVE AN EXCUSE TO WEAR THOSE ADORABLE MATERNITY CLOTHES, you do. I will trade you my two piece and skinny jeans anytime.
  5. "We have enough kids, I wasn't trying to get pregnant again." Oh you do, just sign that one over to me. Seriously, another BIG NO! NO!. May I suggest next time you use birth control because people like some of us with fertility issues can have intimate relations like bunnies all day and all night long and and never see a pink line because again we have to pay for that pink line, if we even get the pink line. Imagine the IVF patients who do not get the pink line after all the money was spent. So be blessed by yours and love that kid. If you don't, there are plenty of us who will.          

Let's get this list out there and make some new unwritten rules so that people with fertility issues do not have to give insensitive pregnant woman that oh so fake southern smile while secretly hoping they eat every tub of ice cream see their entire pregnancy.

Just a quick update: We have relocated and have finally started to settle in to a routine. We are choosing to attempt IVF once more before moving onto adoption. We have our first consult on my birthday next Friday. Wish us luck. 

New Home
Cassey on my wedding day

Krissy at her baby shower I threw her


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Good Riddance 2014, Hello 2015!

         People have asked about my resent "No Post" well finally we are into a new year and I have a second to explain. I could blame it all on the move, but I have become a little lazy since I started working from home for a bit. A tiny apartment and a cat to keep me company is turning me into an official crazy cat lady.  Okay here goes!
        So towards the end of 2014 we may the big move back over the pond and landed in Virginia. Coming back from the Britain has been so much of a culture shock and I find myself missing the easy lifestyle there. We left some amazing friends, I left my job, and we said goodbye to one of the most amazing places to explore in the world. No longer can we just jump on the train and visit London for the day, go grab lunch at our favorite little place (If you are ever in the town of Mildenhall, Webb's is delicious), or my favorite just walking around Bury St. Edmunds.
        Two days prior to our return we were devastated with the loss of our beloved little dog, Keepsie. We had just shipped our pets to my family a few weeks earlier until we could pick them up once we were settled and this made not being with her in the end even worse. That little turkey nugget had been with us since before our marriage and my grandmother had even once loved on her before her own passing in 2004. She was older and such a sweet girl, but I have to say I think we knew she wouldn't make it too many more years and I had worried about the flight with her age. Still it breaks my heart not having her with us and all her funny little quirks. Anyone reading this who has not been blessed with children can relate to your animals being like kids.
        Upon arriving here it was operation find a house and quick. We found the house, but it has to be built and we decided to move into a small apartment for the time being. It is amazing what you can live without when you have to. All of our stuff is still in storage which means we basically have a bed, a computer for a television, and and our clothes we brought with us. The one thing I wished we could have packed was a couch, when we visited my parents to pick up the cat, having a couch felt like luxury living.
         Chris went back to work and I had to find a job which I am keeping hush hush about until it is all finalized which is a process when you talk about clearances. The company was nice enough to offer me a job working from home while I wait, which was super nice of them and I couldn't have asked for more than what they offered. They were truly a blessing and with all of our bad luck in 2014, I feel like I might should go knock on some wood about now. KNOCK, KNOCK, did you hear that? That was me knocking on the wood!
          As things settle and we are slowly finding our way here, we have started to look into new IVF centers and the adoption process. Here is to hoping I can one day birth something besides a kidney stone. The one thing about starting the whole process over and leaving England was that it meant leaving my amazing OB doctor. Anyone who has the privilege of having Dr. HT for anything is truly lucky and we will forever be so thankful for her kindness. I do not think we will ever find anyone who compares or anyone we trust as much.
          Wishing the best for everyone in 2015, but especially praying that this will be the year our dreams come true and we can finally start our own little family. Thank you to all who have supported us in our journey and who continue to support us. We love each and every one of you.

                                                                    Missing our Girl

                                                            Keepsie with her favorite toy

                                                                   Bye, Bye England

                                                                    Hello Virginia Sun


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Moving On

                  Four years ago we came here together not knowing what to expect and thinking four years seemed like so much time. Looking back on everything and four years has flown by. We will be leaving England soon to return to America and for us it is so bittersweet.
                  As many know our first, second, and third pregnancies began and ended here. Those memories are not all bad. As we spend the last night in our English home, we are reminded of so many good experiences that we have enjoyed here. I will let you in on a few of them.
                 Traveling! We have been lucky enough to have seen so many countries and places that most people never get to see. From the Louvre to the Trevi Fountain and even Anne Frank's childhood home, we have seen them with our own eyes and not in pictures. Exploring Greece and Pompeii for hours and having the best pizza in the world in Chris's home country of Malta. There really is no better pizza than that of Ir-Rokna such that we make sure to go there at least twice when visiting family.
                 Family! For many years we lived close to my family while in Georgia and leaving home broke my heart. On the upside, coming to England meant being closer to a majority of Chris's family that still reside in Malta. The first year we were married, we traveled to Malta and I remember calling home on Christmas Day. I cried so hard because I was homesick. This past Christmas we again spent in Malta and not once was I homesick. The island that my husband grew up on has become one of the few places I feel immensely comfortable in and I have grown to love for so many reasons.
                 Exploring! Ok so somewhat like traveling, but not exactly. You see, for us to explore we really only have to walk out into the woods in front of our lovely English home. Miles and miles of trails to see all kinds of wildlife such as hedgehogs and slugs that are just as big as baby snakes. A favorite place of both of ours is Bury St. Edmunds, a lovely old town with some beautiful old churches and lovely shops, but best of all Abbey Gardens. One of the first pictures we took upon arrival to England was in the Abbey and it will likely be the place we miss the most. Feeding squirrels there has recently become a favorite pass time as one of the stores has started selling nuts for fifty pence a bag not far from the entrance to the gardens. There really are no words for how beautiful the gardens there really are and they will forever be etched in our memories.
                We have also been blessed in that we were able to share our home and places we love here with the people who have visited. Out of all the friends and family that we have been honored to have in our home, I will always remember seeing our friend Craig's expressions and smiles as he explored Abbey Gardens with us. Although, I do not think that I nor Mandy will forget our long journey through the woods geocaching recently, too much longer and our husbands may have starved. Some really memorable times for all involved.
                As we start moving on it also means packing up and going through items that have been shoved in boxes and drawers to be ignored as long as possible. We both have been reminded of our first pregnancy recently when the drawer full of our baby items had to be opened and gone through. Although, we both still wonder and I for one still cry looking at those items, it wasn't all bad. From telling our family to our friends and even the look on Chris's face when he saw the test, those are memories we will always treasure. For a really long time I have often felt guilty for feeling as sad as I sometimes do. Recently, a dear friend told me that she often still cries for her son who passed way to early in life. I answered her back with the thought that she had memories of her son who was in his thirties when he died and to that she replied that she did not think I should feel guilty for being sad because I was mourning the memories we did not get to make with our child. Somehow the words of my friend have helped me to feel a lot less guilty for the tears that sometimes still roll down my face when I least expect it. Although we have grown to love it here so much, it is definitely time for us to start moving on.      


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Excitement, Disappointment, & an Anniversary

                So much has happened since my last post, I am not even sure where to begin. So for starters IVF was successful, however to our disappointment it was short lived. For anyone who has lost count that makes three unsuccessful pregnancies since January 2013.
                We had our positive test in April and were carefully excited when about a week later I started to bleed and knew that it was over. In a strange turn of events after some routine labs, it was discovered that my pregnancy hormone had increased again, but not enough to be viable. I had already schedule an appointment with my OB surgeon for the next week so we just kept that appointment. I was convinced not only was I now going to need a DNC but on top of another surgery to remove my blocked tube. At our appointment, she explained that she really thinks this pregnancy is in my blocked tube (the only one I have left), explaining my hormone levels. With the other two pregnancies my HCG had risen like a normal pregnancy and so it never crossed my mind that this could have also been in my tube. So we all know what that means! Third time is a charm and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning.
                With the past two surgeries there was not much time to be nervous or worry about anything. This time I have been a little more anxious and just ready to get it over with and be in recovery mode. We managed to get away for a quick trip to celebrate our ten year anniversary for a few days to Amsterdam this past weekend and although the trip was fun I found it hard to steer away from my thoughts.
                 In between all of the IVF madness, we received our next assignment and Chris was on the promotion list for Master Sergeant. If all goes as planned we should be moving to Virginia in October to be stationed at Langley, AFB. We are beyond excited to be going there as some of the choices on the list that we could have been assigned to were less than desirable. We have friends at this base too and will not be far from two of my brothers and nieces. I look forward to making up for lost time with them and getting to enjoy what Virginia has to offer.
                 We are not giving up on being parents and the fact that we are heading to Virginia opens up several choices for some very successful IVF facilities. We are currently looking at two of them, one actually being at Walter Reed. They have a program for military that is less expensive and we are praying there will be a good opportunity for us to take advantage of. I still believe everything does happen for a reason and we never really thought of Virginia as an option for us, so hopefully this might signal some good news for a change. Apologies to family and friends that have asked about the blog, we have had a whirlwind of events and emotions in the past two months and are really hoping better things are to come in the future.

                                                     Pictures from Amsterdam

Monday, April 14, 2014

Scan Me Once, Scan Me Twice, and Scan Me Again

             Before starting medications to help my follicles to go grow an appointment was scheduled for a baseline scan. This scan is done to get an idea of how many follicles are attached to each ovary. The scan was scheduled for about fifteen days after I was started on Suprecur, the down regulation medication.
             The morning of the baseline scan we arrived early and had a small breakfast down in the little cafe before heading upstairs to our appointment. Whenever we arrive at Bourn Hall we check in at the front desk of the main building. Here we are given a pass and head out one door and into another that you must use your pass to scan into. Once in the second building we head upstairs and check in at the desk there. Finally, we are shown to the waiting room. It sounds like a lot, but it isn't too bad. We only waited for a few minutes before being called back. I was expecting to see my fertility doctor, but quickly learned that at scans we would be seeing a nurse and sometimes a specialist who comes up from another facility. We were shown into a room with the scanning equipment on one side and a privacy curtain and desk on the other. The nice nurse, Sue, closed the curtain and told me to change and cover up with the paper provided... thats right PAPER! I am used to the nice sheet that woman get when going to their pap appointments, I was given a oblong paper coverup. During the scan on the screen we were able to see what I call blobs, my nurse calls them follicles. As a nurse myself, I was never trained in reading scans and it still amazes me to watch them count the blobs on the screen. This particular day I thought I saw two, they said about four on one side and I believe eight on the other and it still perplexes me. After the scan, it was explain to us that we are in the medium category and it was time to start Gonal F. The Gonal F is a once a night pre-filled pen that is given at the same time as the Surprecor. The Suprecor was then reduced to a smaller dose, but this still meant two shots a night. Our next appointment was scheduled for the following Wednesday to see how well and if the medication was working.
              The time flew by and we were quickly at our next scan. Chris kept it together (he has not missed an appointment yet!) and I was super nervous that they would not find any follicles or they would not be growing at all. Once again we arrived and headed through the different checkins and eventually made it to the waiting room. We didn't wait two minutes before Sue called us back and again I was shown to the scan area and again I looked at my tiny paper cover-up. During the scan, we were able to make our more blobs and the specialist told us that I was responding well to the medication and he thought I would need only one more scan. This time before leaving Sue had to draw my blood. I was highly impressed when she got me the first try, this doesn't happen often and it made my day. She explained that once my hormone levels were read she would call if I needed to up or lower my dose of the medications. They scheduled my next scan for Friday and off we went. The appointment was over in less than twenty minutes. No one called later that day so the medication dose didn't change.
                Friday arrived and we were off to Bourn Hall again. It is about a thirty minute drive between our home in Mildenhall and Bourn. This time it was a different technician/nurse that did our scan and we were a bit confused when she said I had more follicles on my left side than my right. Prior to this scan we had always been told there were more on my right side. After the scan, she showed us on a chart how the follicles were growing. I believe she said there were about seven doing exactly what they needed to. There are some slow growers that we don't expect to catch up. We had heard of other people having more and this still makes me nervous about the outcome. It was decided I would not need any more scans and that egg collection would be on Tuesday. We were sent to the medication nurse to get the last medication, a trigger injection. Before egg collection a trigger injection must be given in order to start ovulation, this is done about thirty-six hours prior to the retrieval procedure. We were told I needed more labs drawn (I wasn't as lucky this time, it took three tries!) and that we would be contacted the next day with the specific time to give myself the shot. We went home and luckily we have had company this week and so we haven't been at home or work going stir crazy waiting on a phone call.
                 On Saturday we spent the day in Windsor Castle (and yes the Queen was home, we even saw her flag) walking around with our guest. Throughout the day Chris kept asking if Bourn had called with our info and even kept telling me to call them. I think at times he had been afraid as the day went on that they had forgotten us. I started becoming concerned, but as we sat down for dinner the phone rang. Lucky us the reception wasn't great and I had a momentary panic when the line cut as the woman on the other end was giving the instructions. Soon after it cut, she did call me back and the instructions were to take the trigger injection at 9:30 p.m. on Sunday evening and report to Bourn Hall on Tuesday at 7:30 a.m.. At this point the medication instructions became a little confusing, on Saturday the two usual medications continued as normal, on Sunday I was only to take the Suprecor at my regular time and the trigger at the time they had given me, and on Monday (today) no medications.
                 When the time for the trigger shot came, it was no worse than the other two daily injections. Tomorrow morning is egg retrieval and then we await another phone call to find out which day we go for them to implanted. We have been told it will be either Friday or Sunday depending if we have eggs that fertilize and how far they make it. The doctor explained to us at our first appointment that they try to let the eggs get to five day blast as they have a better chance, but in order to do so we must have at least four good quality eggs or it will be a day two transfer.  We just pray for the best results possible.
                                                             Uterine Lining Scan
                                                               Uterine Lining Scan
                                                                     The "Chair"
                                                                     Trigger Shot
* I usually try and check over these entries several times for errors however, we are both extremely exhausted and have an early day tomorrow! Apologies if anything his misspelled or sounds off.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Shots and not the kind with Tequila!

         We finally reached medication day, March 18th.  For Chris, this meant much excitement as he had been looking forward to the day he would be able to stab me with that sharp object we call a needle. For me, the thought of injecting myself and having to remember to do it daily at the same time was a little overwhelming. Either way, it had to be done.
         We had been told at our first appointment that medications starts twenty-one days after your last AF (that's Aunty Flow for you non- IVFer's). The name of the medication is Suprecur and it is administered with a very tiny needle, the same as a diabetic needle. We were additionally informed that I would need to have the medication within a two hour window every evening between 6 and 8p.m..
        When the time finally arrived on the night of the 18th, Chris was still super excited and I was not nervous, but anxious to get the first jab over with. The first one I was determined to do myself for the simple fact that I wanted to make sure I could, given the fact there would be times Chris might not be around and I would still need the meds. I have given many shots to others, but never any to myself. We prepared my injection together and Chris was grinning like a kid on Christmas, he even had the camera ready. Still not nervous at all, I lifted my shirt and went to inject... and then came the nerves, I froze.
        After a few minutes of Chris and I going back in forth as to if I could actually do it myself and an immense feeling to fall out on the floor, I went for it! I can tell everyone the needle itself does not hurt, but after a few seconds the medication tingles just a bit. We were both excited and the very next day Chris gave me the shot. It is a little funny when he gives me the injections, as he crosses his legs behind me as if I am going to run away. I haven't yet run away, but every time he locks me in to make sure I am not going anywhere. The shots are definitely not Tequila shots, but hopefully they will give us a better outcome than a hangover!
        We have been doing these shots for about two weeks now. Our baseline scan for follicles was originally scheduled for last Friday, the 28th. That appointment had to be moved due to my AF arriving a few days later than expected. I was a little panicked and still am a bit nervous about this, but our doctor from Bourn Hall explained that sometimes this occurs. Our appointment was moved to tomorrow at 10 am and although nervous we are looking forward to seeing how many or if any follicles there are on each side. All prayers are graciously accepted as we continue to take this incredible journey.


                                                                   We were prepared

                                                                   First needle is in!

                              Chris being a good sport at a recent baby shower for friends.
                                                         He wears his preggo belly well.

~ Another wonderful "thank you" to everyone who has prayed, donated, and continued to support us.    

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An Inspiration of Faith

          I can't begin to count the times in the years since Chris and I have been in England, that I have asked myself "Why us?", "Why Me?", "How much bad luck can a person handle?". I caught myself asking myself some of these question last night. I have recently been reading a true book called, Please Don't Cry.  After thinking to myself about our current situation for awhile last night, I picked the book back up and had reached a crucial part toward the end. It suddenly reminded me that we are more blessed than some in many ways. Without giving the book away, one of the key people in the book is diagnosed with terminal cancer (I promise that is not the whole book and I did not give much away for anyone wanting to read it). When I reached this point, I was reminded of one of the people who unknowingly influenced (or maybe knowingly!) to start of this blog, my cousin Amy.
          I grew up one of the youngest of a somewhat large group of cousins, I still like to think of myself as one of the favorites of my beloved Grandma Irma. My cousin's and older siblings (I am the youngest sister) all probably still think of me as the most spoiled. I do have to mention that there is at least one cousin just as spoiled as myself, Shannon! I have many fond memories, but most were spent at my grandma's with the cousins. For holidays or just to visit, my uncle and aunt would often visit with their two girls. My parent's and I would always go for a visit while they were in Macon and I was always excited to spend time with Amy and Teresa. Both of them were older than me, but it was somehow still so much fun. I specifically remember being so jealous of their sleeping bags. I was never allowed to spend the night many places and when I was, I was generally safe and sound at one of the grandmother's or my sister's place. When I spent the night with either of them, there was no need for a sleeping bag, I was little and I slept with them. I couldn't have been any older than five or six, but I was so envious of those sleeping bags laid out in my grandma's living room floor when Amy and Teresa were visiting. I am sure one was probably purchased down the road for me, but I do not remember actually getting one, just really wanting theirs. It is funny what a person remembers from childhood and what they don't. I do remember telling Teresa my biggest secret, only to have her tell my family when we were all in the kitchen. I will save the rest of that for another day...
           Flash forward several years and Amy had married, moved to Colorado, and had children of her own.  Years after our beloved grandmother passed away and we no longer gathered at her house for holidays, we sadly had another loss. The news spread that our Uncle Charles had passed away not long after the Christmas holidays. We were all heartbroken and somehow most of us were able to travel to Alabama for his funeral. Looking back, I wish we could have had the entire family together more times for celebration in the years after our grandma's passing. Uncle Charles was a funny guy, always making people laugh with his quick comebacks and when we all got together to remember him, there were tears, but there were many laughs between cousins too. I remember traveling to the graveside services  in the backseat with Amy. To this day I can not remember what she said, but I remember laughing really really hard and how much she had lightened the mood. That was one of the few times in later years that I was blessed to have spent time with her. None of us had any way of knowing the sad news we would soon get.
           I am unable to recall the specifics, but I do remember my mom calling to tell me Amy had been diagnosed with cancer. I was heartbroken, but hopeful because I knew there were not many people who were as solid in their faith and the Lord as Amy. Soon after Amy's diagnose she started a blog, Her blog was able to keep friends and family and later down the road complete strangers all informed of her progress and whatever might be on her mind. A miracle in it's own, Amy not only had cancer, but was pregnant and delivered a sweet baby boy after her diagnosis. I was always looking to see if Amy had posted a new blog and if so what things she had to say. So when Chris and I started our IVF journey, Amy's blog was one of the first things I thought of. She was able to keep all of us informed and this was a wonderful way for us to keep our friends, family, and anyone curious about the IVF process informed.
           As Amy's battle with cancer neared the end long before mine and Chris's battle with having a child of our own started, I had a very special conversation with Amy. Going into that call, I knew it would be the last time I spoke with her before her passing and although that conversation will remain private and between us, she was remarkably strong. Throughout her battle with cancer Amy remained stronger than I could ever imagine being at any given time. I know she had bad days, but she was an amazingly determined woman. After reading that book and remembering Amy's incredibly strong fight for her life, I have to admit I felt guilty. Our situation is upsetting, difficult at times, and frustrating beyond belief, but there is always someone fighting a harder battle. Amy was fighting to keep her life and we are currently fighting to create one. Although she is not on earth with us any longer, I know she is in a better place and I like to think she's keeping Grandma company until the rest of us get there. I love you Amy.
Amy & Teresa with the sleeping bags I wanted so bad.
Just as spoiled as myself but we love her to pieces 
Brandi & Amy
Brandi and her parents at Grandma Irma's
The woman who loved us all so very much, Grandma Irma

IVF Update: We just started injections yesterday (18th March) and we will soon have a new blog all about how those are working out. Our next appointment at Bourn Hall is on 28 March and we are praying that they see what they need to on the scan in order to continue with the whole process. Stayed tuned!